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June 2007     •


The Texas Comptroller's Office is offering a limited-time tax amnesty program.

What taxes are included? All state taxes administered by the Comptroller - excluding unclaimed property and the PUC gross receipts assessment - are covered.

What is the timeframe? Any reports due before April 1, 2007, are eligible. However, it does not apply to assessments already identified by the Comptroller, taxpayers currently under audit or review, or taxpayers the Comptroller has already contacted about an audit or possible deficiency.

When must reports be filed? Taxpayers must file their reports between June 15 and August 15, 2007.

What steps must be taken?

  • Calculate the tax due.
  • Complete and submit the applicable tax application or questionnaire (click here to submit now!)
  • Write "Amnesty" on any payment, application, or return.
  • Send reports and payments by August 15, 2007, to:
    Taxpayer Amnesty - Comptroller of Public Accounts
    PO BOX 13232
    Austin, TX 78711-3232

This is a unique opportunity for taxpayers who have outstanding obligations to get a "fresh start".

The waiver may be as much as 60% penalty, plus applicable interest. Information on the Comptroller's website assures taxpayers that participation in the amnesty program will not increase their chances of being audited in the future.

Additional information and an FAQ section may be found on the Comptroller's website (click here to view now.)

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