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Let us calculate and discover the sales tax overpayments, minimize your tax expenditures, and provide consulting on future tax expenditures.


With no state income tax, Texas has developed a very broad-based and convoluted sales and use tax statute. As with any law that taxes such an expansive range of goods and services, many transactions have been exempted under state law. It takes a seasoned veteran of Texas sales tax to keep up with the numerous exemptions, exclusions and constant tax law changes.

During a complete sales tax review, we:
• Examine your transactions to uncover sales tax overpayments
• Require very little assistance on your part
• Prepare and file any and all necessary documentation
• Professionally and ethically strive to minimize your tax expenditures
• Provide strategic instruction for the purposes of minimizing all appropriate future tax expenditures

We will ensure you are completely comfortable with the review and refund process prior to submitting a refund claim. In addition, we will represent you throughout the duration of the claim, working with any state auditors that verify the refund.

Many manufacturers are allowed a sales tax exemption for their energy purchases – both electricity and natural gas.  We can coordinate a predominant use study that not only generates refunds for our clients but also saves them money going forward.

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