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If our consulting does not provide you a refund benefit, we are not compensated.


Our consulting is structured to be of no economic risk to your business.No Economic Risk

You certainly don’t think you should have to pay exorbitant consulting fees when little or no benefit is derived. Well, we don’t either.

Our engagements are structured to minimize the risk on your part. We do this by providing our services on a contingent fee basis. In short, if we don’t provide a benefit, we are not compensated.

This is how it works:

For sales tax audit defense, we suggest that you consult with a professional as early in the process as possible due to the potentially lengthy appeals process. It may be more difficult to get items removed from an audit the further you go.

On sales tax reviews, we are only compensated after you have received refunds in connection with your claim. And the savings don’t end there. We will go over our findings with you to make sure you don’t continue to overpay sales tax. These future tax savings belong exclusively to you! This is where the real savings are – the future tax dollars saved.

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Our Sales Tax Services:
Sales Tax Reviews:
A Sales Tax Review is performed to obtain refunds of overpaid taxes. There is no economic risk here, as we perform these for a contingent fee of any recoveries.
  Sales Tax Audit Defense:
If your business is under audit, we can provide taxpayer advocate services to best ensure you are represented fairly.
Multistate Tax Issues:
Laws vary from state to state. We can ensure you are kept up to date in multiple jurisdictions.
  Energy Savings:
With our advice on Energy Provider selection, we can typically save 1 - 3 months of electricity costs. Find out how!