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Sales Tax Specialists of Texas is a specialized consulting group that only performs services in the sales tax arena. Through our years of experience and countless hours of research and implementation, we have developed sales tax saving strategies that have generated substantial collections of overpaid sales tax and conservation of monies through decreased audit assessments.

This singular focus allows us to exceed expectations by consistently and thoroughly providing value-added services to our clients.

We will aggressively pursue your business’ best interests. However, we perform our services in a highly professional and ethical manner. You can rest assured that we will be in your corner, diligently working to serve you in the best, most efficient and principled way possible.

Our Sales Tax Services:
Sales Tax Reviews:
A Sales Tax Review is performed to obtain refunds of overpaid taxes. There is no economic risk here, as we perform these for a contingent fee of any recoveries.
  Sales Tax Audit Defense:
If your business is under audit, we can provide taxpayer advocate services to best ensure you are represented fairly.
Multistate Tax Issues:
Laws vary from state to state. We can ensure you are kept up to date in multiple jurisdictions.
  Energy Savings:
With our advice on Energy Provider selection, we can typically save 1 - 3 months of electricity costs. Find out how!

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